"In the past I usually carry out all my holiday travel planning by myself, using the Internet. This often turns out to be a complicated and time-consuming process that can be tiring and frustrating. So this year I decided to engage the services of Edmund at Travel Haven to help with our summer flights to United Kingdom and then on to America. He was recommended to me by a friend as she had found him extremely helpful in booking flights to South Africa.

I was particularly impressed with the speed of service and the willingness to look at all the different options in order to secure the most cost effective way to travel. It is certainly beneficial to engage the services of an expert in travel such as Travel Haven rather than trying to trawl through all the different websites available to you.

Each time I asked Edmund to check out alternative options such as Round the World tickets, he was always one step ahead of me. He definitely helped me to get the best flights both in terms of convenience and price. It really makes a huge difference having a trusted expert on my side. I will certainly use the services of Edmund at Travel Haven for my future travel requirements."

Helen Gamble

"When we decided to go on a short trip to Vietnam we didn't really know where to go to book our vacation in Singapore. I walked through the shopping centre in Holland Village and came across Travel Haven. So I thought, ‘Why not try the services of a professional travel agency?’ It turned out to be a good decision. The service that I got from Travel Haven was good and very personal. After I told them where I wanted to go, I received an offer in a short time complete with a travel itinerary, full quotation and even suggestions of places to visit! The entire process and the services rendered, from the decision making to the final booking confirmation, from the team at Travel Haven was excellent. Once the trip was booked, all the documents and information arrived promptly and the materials were well organised.

The trip that was organised for me by Travel Haven was exactly what I had in mind. The guide and travel organiser in Vietnam was a good choice. We had a wonderful time because the trip was so well planned that we didn’t have to deal with the usual travel worries like delays or other issues. Throughout the trip, we felt like we were in truly good hands and well cared for.

Now I know where to book my next vacations!"


"Dear Joel,

Thank you for all the years of great service you provided me and my family while we were based in Singapore.

I always came to you at Travel Haven because I found you gave good advice and were always willing to suggest alternatives if our choice was not available; this is not always the case with other Singapore travel agents. Your packages and individual prices are very competitive, but this is not as important for me as the efficient and professional service which you always offer.

You were recommended to us by a friend 6 years ago and I’m very grateful to them still!"

Peter Shepherd

"I have been using Travel Haven for many years and have always found them to be utterly professional in their approach. They have an outstanding and stable team who is experienced and helpful.

I had two children at boarding school and I relied on Travel Haven to book several flights a year. In addition, they also arranged several family holidays for all of us which were memorable. Travel Haven always offered us excellent advise and had our best interests at heart.

Given their oustanding service to our family, I have recommended Travel Haven to several of my friends who have been equally as happy. Now that we are stationed in Hong Kong, I must say that I really miss the services that I have enjoyed at Travel Haven."

Carol Chan