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Bhutan, the old and majorly unexplored Asian country is an amazing country that just has to be explored to be understood. Arriving in Bangkok in Thailand before taking a flight to Paro in Bhutan, the suspense really does build from day one.


Finally arrive into the capital city of Bhutan, Thimpo on day 3 and visit the preservation centre of the national animal, the golden Takin, the Zilukha Nunnery, and the seat of the Royal Government at TashichhoDzong. Bhutan is a stunning country unlike any other anywhere else, and there is something that will appeal to all.


On day 4 guests will be taken back to Paro where they can visit Taktsang Monastery which stands at over 1000 feet above the Paro valley. The views that are available from this Monastery are just unforgettable and are not available anywhere else. Taktsang Monastery is one of the most sacred places in the country, and Bhutanese try to visit at least once in their lives.


Bhutan, the country of gold, sights, and wealth is definitely an unforgettable country to visit, and the 5 days glimpse tour allows guests to experience this amazing country for themselves.


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