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This 4 day hiking adventure tour of Fuji-Hakone-IzuNational Park takes you deep into the natural wilderness of Japan, to an area surrounded by stunning mountain scenery, hot springs and volcanic lakes. Located less than 100km from the capital of Tokyo, the National Park is home to Hakone, your first destination and an area of outstanding beauty. Discover the steaming fissures as you take a cable car up the mountain to Owakudani, then walk down the other side that overlooks LakeAshi, a picturesque lake formed by volcanic eruptions. Breathtaking views of Mt Fuji with its symmetrical, snow capped peak make perfect photo opportunities.

Continue your tour in Japan by hiking with an expert guide from Daiyuzan temple along a pilgrim route to the summit of Myojin-gatakeat standing 1169 meters high. From the peak, stand in awe at the unhindered panoramic views before descending to soak in a lovely warm onsen in the evening.

On your penultimate day we hike along the ridge of a mountain in the outer region of Hakone and summit Mt Kintoki at 1,213 meters high. Standing on its peak you can enjoy wonderful views of SengokuharaNaturePark on one side and majestic Mt Fuji on the other. Afterwards we walk back down to Hakone and explore the many charming aspects of this quaint town before relaxing in an onsen to soothe the muscles after a day spent hiking in the National Park.


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