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13 days in the South American countries of Peru and Bolivia is absolutely heaven. On this holiday you will be able to experience and explore everything about these 2 amazing countries, from Lima to Cusco, Aztec Machu Picchu to La Paz. There will be something for everyone on this holiday.


Arrive in Lima, the capital city of Peru and rest for the night before transferring to Cusco the next day where guests will be able to visit various impressive sites such as the Plaza de Armas, the Convent of Santa Domingo, and the many colonial buildings that Peru’s capital has held for centuries. Lima is an amazing city just waiting to be discovered.


La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia, and the highest capital city in the world is often overlooked as a place to take a holiday, but on this holiday you will be visiting this city. Sagarnaga Street markets hold the treasures that you will be able to purchase and take back as souvenirs for those back home, from traditional handicrafts unique to Bolivia to amazing statuettes that can be found in museums around the world.


Taking the 13 day trip around Peru and Bolivia is definitely going to be a life changing experience, so it is advisable to take this holiday.


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