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The Republic of Argentina is one of the largest and most magnificent countries in the whole of South America, and you can spend 10 days on this holiday around the country. Arrive in the capital of Buenos Aires and spend over a week exploring the towns and villages that this diamond of a country has been hiding.


Arrive in Buenos Aires and take a domestic flight to the Iguaza Falls, one of the natural wonders of Argentina, and take a stroll down the pathways and catwalks that pass through and over the falls. Gaze out in amazement at the Devil’s Throat Fall and don’t forget to take some photos to take home and show the friends and family.


El Calafate will surely please those who are inspired by nature; the glaciers in the area will be explored by boat and foot. Whilst sailing through the north arm of the Argentino Lake glimpses of the Upsala Glacier will become apparent over the horizon, before leaving the boat and walking close to the glacier on foot.


Argentina is an amazing country that has so much to offer to all who take the time to visit her, well on this trip you will be able to see for yourself what is on offer.


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